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Management Supervisor Webinar Series

Learn & Lead

Leading the way to success!
We know that employees want training to be more successful, more highly valued and of course, worth more money.  Employers want employees and managers who are skilled, successful, that can lead in an ever changing environment and bring about a larger ROI to their organization.We understand both sides and deliver exactly that!Each webinar lasts two and a half to three hours and consists of a mixture of lecture and more importantly, high-energy, interactive exercises to help you internalize the principles and apply the lessons to your workplace experience.  You will walk away with a plan to use your new skills.  This isn’t a rah rah session, this is a dynamic class with training by people who have been in your shoes for years.  We know there are too many people who train that have never been on the front line and lived your issues.
A Results Based Learning Process
You will be engaged and accountable. When the modules are learned and practiced a real transformation or marked change in performance takes place. This transformation typically results in more knowledgeable and productive employees. These webinars are essential for employees, managers and supervisors and those who want to be promoted.


iStock_000009311779XSmallThe uniqueness of the individual is what brings strength to the team. Individual differences in the workplace must be sought after, nurtured and respected. High performance organizations understand this and use it to their competitive advantage.

Time Management

 imagesTime management has a direct link to the bottom line of any company. Effective time management is essential to success. The most successful organizations in the 21st century require employees to be effective time managers who know how to set and reach goals based on the organization’s vision, mission and values.

High Payoff Hiring

iStock_000000795349XSmallHave you ever found the “perfect” candidate during an interview who turned out to be the wrong person for the job? Imagine if you could ensure that the person sitting across from you in an interview would actually be one of your top performing employees. The ability to hire the right people is extremely important to the health and profitability of any organization.April – SOLD OUT

Effective Supervisory Skills

What am i suppose to doA great leader inspires others to find confidence in themselves. Supervisors play a key role in any organization. They are responsible for creating a link between upper management and front-line employees, and they have dramatic impact on employee performance and behavior.

May Classes 

Afternoon Tuesday May 12th at 1:30

Morning – Wednesday May 13th at 8:30



The Role of Trust in Successful Organizations

iStock_000009379750XSmallWhen trust is absent, relationships are characterized by an adversarial attitude: me vs. you; us vs. them. Rather than goodwill, there are deep and hidden animosities. Respect is lost and our performance is compromised as energies are used to manipulate and protect rather than work toward a shared vision.

Positive Impact

16418640_sMost companies today, whether large or small, struggle with the challenges of how to make their organization more productive. We believe productivity starts with knowledgeable employees. The Positive Impact training teaches high performance behaviors and values that create strong organizations.

Conflict Management

iStock_000009432948XSmall1Strong organizations in today’s fast-paced business world need leaders who are adept at managing conflict. To stay competitive, high performance organizations know they must effectively manage workplace conflicts that threaten employee productivity and morale.

Change Management

35762203_sThe future is guaranteed to bring more change, not less! We believe that the most successful organizations empower their employees to embrace change by developing effective change management skills for personal and professional success. Change is a constant challenging part of the workplace environment. The ability to adapt to a changing environment is a hallmark of a successful organization.

 Principles of High Performance

iStock_000008052841XSmallOrganizations and individuals are perfectly designed to get the results they are currently getting. If they keep doing what they have always done, they will continue to get the same results. In this session we introduce dynamic techniques and behaviors that help move an organization forward.

The Integrity Model

36753649_sPersonal and professional integrity does not happen by accident. It is shaped by the events and circumstances of our lives. Each moment of our life provides an opportunity to expand our vision and assume full responsibility for living, growing and contributin

Powers of Persuasion

iStock_000000943768XSmall2We know that the brain is hard-wired to take mental shortcuts whenever we make choices. Internal mechanisms help us quickly assimilate information and take correct steps. Those who understand how these mechanisms work have enormous power to help others make easy, quick decisions.

Customer Service

19109723_sIn reality goods and services are not sold, they are purchased by the customer. Leaders in today’s rapidly changing world have determined that catchy advertising campaigns have limited value. Whether it is a business, a professional practice, a health care facility or a government agency, success comes to organizations that are passionate about their customers.