High School Success Training – Time Management

imagesWe expect a lot from teens.

We expect them to play sports, take on leadership roles, get a job, volunteer, socialize, be a part of a family and oh yes, get great grades.  We expect a lot from them, yet many are never given the skills to manage all these roles, events, and assignments.  Incorrectly managed time leads to a dramatic increase in the stress levels of students. If teens don’t learn time management in high school, then it only exacerbates the problem in college and will create even more issues in the professional world.

Great test results or papers don’t come from sleep deprivation or high amounts of caffeine. Students in control of their time are more efficient, less stressed, and able to handle a variety of activities better.

Our “High School Leadership – Time Management” class will lay the groundwork and show the skills that can help students get in control of their time. We show teens methods, tools, and skills that will help develop life long time management abilities.

Sign up below for our class that will be held Sunday, August 25th at 2:00 or Monday, August 26th at 7:00pm.

Make sure your teens are ready for this school year by taking this class.  We can’t expect them to manage everything without helping them gain the necessary skills.

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