Corporate Training

As the leading provider of employee training we offer hundreds of corporate training topics that can be tailored to solve your company’s performance challenges, support organizational development, and meet specific business goals. Our team of strategic partners and consultants can provide expert advice and assistance in helping create the type of employees that you want to lead within your organization.

Find below a sampling of our courses:

Assessing Your Organization For High Performance

The Transformation Model
Current Results
Business Environment
Current Strategy
Core Process
Opportunities and Plans

Developing a High Performance Strategy

Overview of Strategy
Analyzing the Business Environment
Forecasting the Future
Creating Core Ideology
Defining Your Strategic direction
Defining Your Competitive Advantage
Setting Goals
Creating a Master Plan

Principles of High Performance

Traditional vs. High Performance Paradigms
Characteristics of High Performance
Building Trust
High Performance Tools and Plans

Skills For High Performance Teamwork

Basic Communication
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Group Dynamics
Team Decision Making
Team Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution
Time Management

High Performance Leadership

Principles of Leadership
Practices of Empowering Leaders
The Five Leadership Roles
Leadership Practices: A Self-Assessment
Personal Productivity
Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
Performance Expectations
Empowering Others For Success

Developing High Performance Teams

Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
The Team Charter
Effective Meetings
Customer Focus
Managing the Process
Team Member Roles & Responsibilities
Setting Goals and Keeping Score

The Power of Persuasion

Action Plan
The Awesome Power of Persuasion
Persuasion Presentations

Core Skills

Goal Setting and Planning
Leveraging Time


Valuing the Individual
Managing Diversity

Customer Service

CS: A Strategic Advantage
Coaching Customer Service

Time Management

Managing Your Time
Leading Others for Effective Time Management

Change Management

Managing Change
Leading Others Through Change

High Payoff Hiring

Effective Supervisory Skills

The Effective Supervisor
Legal Considerations for New Supervisors
Leadership and Vision
Motivating Others
Enhancing Your Supervisory Skills


Effective Communication
Communication Skills for supervisors

Conflict Management

Managing Interpersonal Conflict
Managing Organizational Conflict

Empowering Performance

Learning to Lead
Building Your Sales Team
Developing Essential Skills
Achieving Results
Leading With Momentum

Principles of Partnership Selling

Value Profiling
Developing Benefits
Presenting Solutions
Handling Objections
Putting It All Together

Speaking For A Lasting Impression

Understanding the Adult Audience
Developing a Dynamic Delivery
Speaking With Conviction
Presenting With Purpose
Raising Retention

Positive Impact

Personal Accountability
Leadership Opportunities

The Trust Factor

The Trust Imperative
A Change of Heart
Face to Face Communication
Interpersonal Dialogue: Core Principles
Interpersonal Dialogue: The Steps
Harnessing Harmful Behavior
Strengthening Our Relationships

Emotional Intelligence

The Integrity Model
Conquer Your Key Moments
Embrace Reality
Exercise Responsibility
Clarify Your Vision
Define Your Purpose
Act With Integrity
Value Who You Are