Success Skills Weekly

Attention: High School and College Students

imagesI’ll be honest – I have been frustrated with the educational system – both high school and college. I was very fortunate to have gone to a high school where education was the top priority and I was throughly prepared for college in academics.  But what I see missing from educational system is the lack of success skills and leadership skills taught during the years when it is most needed.  It is now more important than ever, with the economy and job availability lacking for many graduates, that success skills are learned.  

I was fortunate that my mother was an internationally credited life coach and was fortunate to have been selected as one of the top 12  international coaches by billionaire John Assaraf and Bonnie Bruder’s new business. My mother had both me and my brother do these exercises from freshmen year in high school on, and though I may have rolled my eyes then, I am so grateful that I did them.  I obtained the leadership positions, happiness and success that I wanted and has kept me on a path to achieve even more. These fundamentals are now a part of my everyday process.

I started interviewing both men and women graduated from college and they are echoing my sentiments.  I want people to be able to have these skills too so my mother and I have created weekly simple exercises/coaching emails to help start the process of learning success skills for you or your children. 

Simple, (Yet Highly Effective) Coaching Emails Reveal A 15 Minute Weekly Exercise That Gets You To Achieve Success… Without Years of Struggling and Making Embarrassing Mistakes

These exercises have been tested and used by students in high school and college and  put them on the path to success –

Success in high school. college and the transition to the “real world”

YOU can easily transform your ability to attain your goals, make good decisions and overcome bad ones fast.  You just need the right PROCESS and THINKING patterns, which you will learn in these 52 weekly emails.  These are exercises used by successful people worldwide. Sadly most people don’t learn success dynamics until much later in life – if at all.  You now have an opportunity, to learn it when it matters most. In this economy, every extra helps put you above your competition.


  • Little-known secrets of success revealed through 52 weeks of coaching
  • Why 99% of all Students totally miss the boat when it comes to achieving their goals
  • How to avoid some of the most common mistakes students make while in school
  • The truth behind successful thinking patterns and the fastest known way to dramatically improve your  results
  • How a simple adjustment in your decisions can give you a greater level of success
  • The biggest ( and easiest) secret of successful people
  • Detailed strategies to quickly and easily achieve your goals.
  • How to change the way you approach problems you face almost overnight
  • Why so many smart students fail miserably… while others with the odds stacked against them succeed
  • Practical, proven strategies that you can apply immediately