High Performance Leadership

hpl3With a recovering economy, stiffer regulation and heightened competition, your organization needs exceptional leaders to drive performance and maintain a competitive advantage. The High Performance Leadership Program can help you develop the talent it takes to succeed−from the front line to the executive suite.

Your organization needs innovative, collaborative, courageous leaders. Our High Performance Leadership Program will help you identify and build critical skills in your team as well as develop new attributes.

Your organization needs innovative, collaborative, courageous leaders. Our High Performance Leadership Program will help you identify and build critical skills in your team as well as develop new attributes.

High Performance Leadership is the vehicle to accelerate the leadership within your organization.

“Leadership is the pivotal force behind successful organizations. To create vital and viable organizations, leadership is necessary to develop a new vision of what they can be, and then mobilize the organization to change towards that vision.”
– Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus

As organizations prepare to compete in today’s ever changing and challenging environment, they understand that leadership is the most important theme in business training. Take a moment to think about the word “leadership.” What does it mean to you?

For us as a company, it is a rich and significant word. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope, and courage a word that inspires us to be our best. We normally associate leadership with the most influential people in history. However, it also conjures up memories of family members, teachers, coaches, and mentors who influenced us to reach our full potential.

Leadership is exciting. Perhaps the most exciting element of leadership is the fact that everyone possesses the ability to lead. In this program, participants will learn that it is not necessary to change the world or become a household name in order to be a great leader. Being a great leader simply means having a positive influence on those around you. It allows you to create an organization founded on ideals by which others are encouraged to rise above mediocrity and perform at their best. Our objective in this program is for every participant to understand the foundational principles of leadership and practice them. It does not matter if you lead a staff of two or a nation of millions; the principles are still the same and can be learned.

This program represents years of study that we have transformed into a basic set of skills and practices. We will present the latest principles of iStock_000003176089XSmallleadership to you. You must decide to what extent you want to grow and develop your abilities. If you have the desire, this program will present you with the tools to become a successful leader.


Leadership is a rich and meaningful word. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope and courage. It is a word that inspires us to be our best, a word that we associate with those who have made the greatest difference in our lives. In short, leadership is a significant part of the answer to whatever challenges our organizations may face.


“High Performance Leadership: From Control to Empowerment” will teach you how to be an outstanding leader within your organization. The principles and practices you learn in this program are based upon observation and research from the foremost authorities in the field of leadership. From the program you will:

  • Understand the five practices of the world’s greatest leaders.
  • Create a clear and compelling vision of the future.
  • Find an appropriate balance between the five major leadership roles (technician, manager, trailblazer, architect and coach).
  • Become a leader who empowers others and brings out their best.
  • Learn how to organize and manage your priorities so that big things control little things.
  • Recognize leadership qualities in yourself.


“High Performance Leadership” consists of eight modules (each two to three hours in length) that are scheduled and delivered at least one week apart. The modules include numerous individual and group exercises that make the training come alive and ensure that participants translate the principles into a personal plan of action. This program can be taught to a large group or even a single leader with the trainer acting as a personal coach. The number of participants, structure and format can all be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

BONUS:  Every participant gets a free coaching session, whenever they choose set their course or check how they are doing after the class! 

Minimum 4 participants required per class at your location or another location to be determined.

Live webinar series of this program starts April 14th.

You will receive a workbook for assignments and notes and each handout will be received prior to class.

You get 8 sessions/24 hours of training.  One free coaching session 30 days after the class closes.

You will also receive a personal development plan.

This class will start on April 14, 201 at 1:00 and meets every Tuesday at 1:00 for 8 weeks.

The normal value of this class, coaching and personal development plan is valued at $3999.00

The total cost of the webinar series is modules is $1497.

If you would like to make smaller payments or finance  –EMAIL US