Positive Impact – February

How to Be the Person Successful Companies Fight to Keep

Most companies today, whether large or small, struggle with the common dilemma of how to make their organization more productive. We believe it starts with knowledgeable employees. The Positive Impact training program instills high performance behaviors that create strong organizations, productive in the areas where it counts most.

What You Will Gain

Program participants will learn to:iStock_000000254022XSmall

  • Communicate openly and directly.
  • Work smarter, harder, faster and better.
  • Demonstrate “value added.”
  • Look for leadership opportunities.
  • Embrace and initiate change.
  • Have a positive impact on their company, customers and colleagues.
  • Take charge of their personal lives.

As individuals within an organization master the behaviors taught in this program, the organization has the opportunity to reap the rewards of sustainable improvements in productivity.

If you want to pay by check at the door – EMAIL US and register for your training.

Minimum 4 participants required per class.