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Information On Our Curriculum

Content and Curriculum Developers

The workshops emphasize skills rather than theory. The participants are encouraged to create personal development plans and will leave with skills that create stronger leaders and bring more success to their lives.

Roger K. Allen, Ph.D. – author, consultant, coach, teacher – Roger is a highly respected expert in leadership, communication, team development, and personal and organizational change.  Roger Allen and Preston Pond founded the Center for Organizational Design in 1992.

Some of Roger’s past and current clients include AT&T, Ashland Chemical, Burson Marstellar, Coach Leatherware, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Honeywell, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Proctor & Gamble, and many others. Examples of a few recent consulting projects include redesign of a $1 B distribution company from 200 branch offices to around 20 customer support centers; redesign of a plant that manufactures high performance textiles to double production capacity; assessment and redesign of several public radio stations; successful trust building with alienated board of trustees; chartering and improving performance of several executive teams. Roger intervenes at the personal, team and organizational level to create high performing companies. Using his engaging style, he has also delivered hundreds of workshops, retreats and seminars around the country which have been acclaimed as among the most powerful learning experiences available anywhere. An outdoor enthusiast and father of three adult children, Roger resides in metro Denver, Colorado with his wife Judy.

Preston Pond, along with Roger Allen, co-founded the Center for Organizational Design in 1992. Prior to that, Preston worked as an Organizational Development Manager for Proctor and Gamble for several years, involved in new plant startups and collaborative work redesign efforts in the US, Japan and Mexico. Then as Director of Organizational Development for Clark Equipment Company, he spearheaded social-technical systems redesign efforts in both union and non-union settings. He worked internally at the plant, division and corporate levels. As an external organizational consultant since 1985, Preston has worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies in the US, Mexico, Japan and Puerto Rico. He has lived in Mexico and Japan and enjoys working in English, Spanish and Japanese. Consulting with both large and small organizations, Preston has implemented organization design and team development strategies at all organization levels. He has also been instrumental in the collaborative redesign of traditional union organizations and helped redesign a variety of corporate professional groups. Some recent projects include: redesigning AT&T Capital’s government business units; helping Space Shuttle Operations move to self-directed work teams; supporting the US Forest Service redesign of 19 California forests; the restructuring of Coach manufacturing and distribution locations and the design of Product Development and Sales for Hallmark Japan. Preston is married and has four children. He enjoys family, skiing, reading and music.