Leadership Essentials for College Students

College is a time of transition.   Leadership skills are critical for sports, campus activities, fraternity/sorority life and in making grades.  Without knowing how to set goals, manage time, resolve conflict, and other basic skills, a students life can become even more frustrating and chaotic.

On top of that, college students looking to transition to careers have found the harsh reality of competing with millions unemployed.  That is why it has become critical  to not only have skills that go beyond the classroom, but also that set them apart from others that are competing for the same positions.  We at the Leadership Institute have developed courses that make a difference.  A difference to your resume, your paycheck, your life.

Baylor University took four of our courses to add to their Leadership Academy.  They realized that telling a potential employer about having skills like negotiation, leading a sales team, resolving conflict, and understanding high performance teams and leadership made a difference in getting the “Congratulations! Your Hired” phone call.

You too can have these skills that make a difference.  We offer these courses through our tele-class tab or are happy to come to your college, fraternity, sorority or leadership institute.  Certificates for completion will be given to each student after each course is completed.  Please call or write us today and really get started on your future.