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Student Leadership

Leadership Essentials for High School and College Age Students

The Leadership Institute of Kansas City believes that leadership development is a process that extends over many years.  The realities of school and future careers require that training should occur early in a teen’s life. Studies have shown that we have not paid enough attention to training students in key leadership skills.

Teens need to become productive and contributing individuals who can be effective and proactive in determining the course of tomorrow’s world. Today’s youth must develop positive leadership knowledge, attitudes, skills and aspirations.

Teens need to work and apply learned knowledge over years to become the people that will guide our world as empowered and happy adults. Preparing today’s youth for their roles as tomorrow’s leaders is a challenge, but one with the Leadership Institute of Kansas City can assist.

Our goals are to help teens:

.                To train in the areas of communication, leadership, conflict management, decision making, time management, and leadership styles

.                To teach the ability to achieve and that teens are responsible for their own lives

.                To empower teens by teaching them how to develop their positive attributes, enabling them to be self-confident and independent thinkers

.                To fit into a social world with all the facets understood and be successful in building person to person relationships

.                To develop integrity and to assist them to make the best decisions possible at key life moments.

In addition our courses have been selected by Baylor’s Leadership Development Academy to assist college age students with the additional skills needed for college leadership rolls; but even more importantly in today’s economy, the difference that stands-out on resumes in a competitive job market.  Our classes have made a difference in lives and paychecks and we couldn’t be more thrilled.