“Kenna was very instrumental in training me and my team and coaching us as we grew. She always went above and beyond anything imagined in her efforts to assist and there was never any doubt that she cared deeply about our success. Kenna has continually educated herself in personal development and coaching skills. She truly listens and has the ability to ask questions that help bring out the best in those with whom she interacts. She has highly developed intuitive skills that serve her well. Her personal and professional ethics are above reproach”.

Martha Autry, Owner, Creative Living, Arbonne International – Mississippi

“Hector was tireless in his approach in guiding me through my unemployment transition. He offered support and a comprehensive approach to helping me find the next step in my professional life. He is highly regarded among industry leaders and is called upon by them for references. Hector’s ability to motivate and generate strong enthusiasm amongst an entire group of people going through a tough transition was a ability/talent that few possess”.

Leann Bonine, PMP Missouri

“As a person who has received leadership training from some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions and one who has served in leadership position for more than 30 years, I wasn’t in the market for a Coach when I met Kenna Lewis. I did, however, find her engaging. Having utilized her services, I am able to recommend her enthusiastically. Surrounded by a crowd of twenty or more persons, I was initially impressed by Mrs. Lewis’ ability to focus solely on our conversation. As our partnership evolved, I found her to be an insightful listener who possesses the ability to assess individual and collective needs. Thus, she is able to articulate alternatives to identified concerns in a humanistic way. Most importantly, Kenna treats all with dignity and respect and I am convinced because she does, those associated with her begin to do so as well. Mrs. Lewis is diligent and is routinely engaged in growth activities. Her desire for personal knowledge and growth is matched only by her keen intellect, which makes her an invaluable asset. Kenna’s ability to process vast amounts of information quickly is phenomenal. And, she is able to communicate such with ease. I can endorse Mrs. Lewis without hesitation. She will exhibit unconditional loyalty and service to you and your organization. She will grow you and your business beyond expectations. Kenna’s imprint permeates Lead Differently”.

Dallas M. Johnson, Ed.D., Founder” and CEO of Lead Differently – Virginia

“I met Hector nine years ago when he hired me, he was not only my manager but he was my mentor.  Hector gave me the direction I needed in my career and was always there to listen and provide very powerful insight not only at a professional level but at a personal one as well.  Hector would always provide encouraging words to make you truly feel you could accomplish anything you set out to do.  I recently recall a time when Hector really came to my aid when I was interviewing for a new job and I called Hector to share my concerns of the interview and he of course was the calm in my storm and I aced the interview and got the job!  Hector is not only my mentor, he is my friend for life”.

Kathy Ellis – Bank Of America, Missouri

“Kenna’s ability to captivate open minds with this positive message is remarkable.”

Angela Thurman – Rockwell Collins – Iowa

“For sound advise and a mentoring relationship I would recommend Hector. He has provided great insight and served as a wonderful resource.”

Bob Hill, Sprint – Kansas