Coaching – Personal, Career, Employment,  and Business

We have the coaching you require for success.

All successful people, need the ability to understand why they make the decisions they do, the types of relationships they consistently develop and what types of behavior they exhibit daily to employees, friends, and family..  The effects of one or all of these areas can impact your overall success and happiness.

The Leadership Institute can help you focus on critical areas of  your life, to understand, to change and to get the personal or professional goals you desire.

Business Coaching

The Leadership Institute of Kansas City provides business owners guidance, support and encouragement togrow their business and bottom line.  We assistowners with their strategic planning, marketing plans, ideal customer profile, niche marketing, sales and so much more. Businesses who work with us are able to focus their strengths, providing significant opportunities for growth. With the speed of change in business and the economy, owners are finding it no more a luxury to have a business coach but a necessity.