It’s All About You!

Published on 07 September 2010 by in blog, Personal Development


by Hector Silva

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about your favorite subject, the most important person there is, you. Yes, you are the most important person in the world, or at least your world. I know you have heard it the saying, “It is not all about you”. It has also been said, “This world does not revolve around you”. I say it is ALL about you and your world does revolve around YOU. Sure there are the more humble or diplomatic of you that would defer to your spouse or your children as the most important. However, they are the most important to you. So there we are back to you again. And who are you? Who is the whole you? Let’s break it down to the different aspects of you.

There is the familial “you”. This is the “you” that interact with your family. This you can be one or more of a variety of titles. You at one time or another can be a spouse, a parent, a son or daughter, an aunt or uncle, a niece or nephew, a grandparent, a grandchild, a first or second or even third cousin. As a family person you have a different love for each situation, you treat your spouse different than your children. You are treated differently by them in turn. You do not feel or treat your aunt or uncle the same as your grandparents or they you. However what all of these family relationships have in common is you. Your spouse counts on you for love and support. He or she needs your companionship. You have created a bond to go through life together and take on together whatever comes your way. IT is not always smooth sailing between the two of you but in the end you are involved in the result. You may not have gotten your way but you have agreed.

Your children count on you for their care, their food, their education and all of the aspects of growing up. You are the person they look to for advice or they get advice from you whether they want it or not. They look to you as a role model.

Your parents look for you to be a good person. One who grows up to care about others, who are liked by others, someone who does well in school and makes a living to take care of your family. They look to you to be there for them as they grow older. They are proud of you and give unconditional love no matter what you do. When you were born they looked at you with love and made sure you were clean and fed. They clothed you and provided shelter for you. Yes, without a doubt from the minute you were born as far as you family is concerned it was all about you.

How about the professional you? You work to make money for all of the things you and your family need and want. You can be an employer, an employee, a peer, supervisor, manager, Subject matter expert or any position. In any case you are responsible to deliver. You are being counted on for something. Your employer is dependent on you as is you’re Manager and even your peers. The professional you takes all of the education, training and experience in your life and uses it to your advantage. You are known for and respected for your strengths. Your management also recognizes your weaknesses. Your are always evaluating and being evaluated. You never stop learning and improving. Others depend on how well you do. Results demonstrated how well you perform. Yes once again it is all about you.

Then there is the emotional you. Some of the males may cringe at this part of you but it is there. This is the you that is happy, sad, caring, hard, soft, cynical, calm, loving, romantic. All of these emotions are within you and they pop out and appear at the appropriate time. That time is when you are happy, when you are sad, when you feel romantic. How about that we are back to you and how you feel not how someone else feels. These are your emotions not anyone else.

Let’s look at the spiritual you. The Devout, or semi devout, agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, atheist, you are one or more of these. It is your beliefs and others see and hear how you feel about your beliefs. Your family usually follows the same Spiritual beliefs that you do. You and your spouse chose how and where to marry. Or you and your significant other decided between you not to marry and instead life together leaving the door open, so to speak to any quick further decisions. You have decided how devout you will follow it. Others that believe like you depend on your spirituality to help them enjoy or even maintain theirs. Again you are making these decisions either alone or with someone, but you are in the middle of it.

Let’s not overlook the important Financial you. The Budgeted, unemployed, long range planning, retired, pensioned, vacation, college savings, college loans, mortgage, rent paying you. Now we are taking about something that others depend on you for constantly. Your family depends on the money that you make for food and shelter. Your daughter could not get that cool looking outfit at the mall without your money; your son could not buy that new video game without your money. Oh, how about their education and your education? Those institutes of learning need money to provide education. How about your banker who counts on the money you deposit in his bank so that he is employed. Or the store owners that would have to close if you were not buying your share to keep than open. The financial advisor that is helping you make that nest egg grow and his grows along side of yours. The people who are not as fortunate as you who depend on your generosity. There are so, so many people that count on the Financial you.

So you see there are a number of “you” inside of you and in each instance they all are important and have others dependent on you. If you are taken out of the picture would all of these people survive? Probably, some better than others. But while you are here, you are in the middle of it all and the world you are in revolves around you. So make sure that you take care of every one that is you and make sure that each you is functioning optimally and that you keep that world of yours spinning, not only for you but for everyone else in your world.

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