Eat Your Vegetables

Published on 30 August 2010 by in blog, Personal Development


By Hector Silva

How many times have you heard about a mother, maybe even your Mom, saying “eat your vegetables or no desert”. It is a harsh ultimatum but we all know that Mothers are always right. With this statement Mom was not only trying to get you to eat but also giving you a life lesson.

In life there are bad situations and good situations. There are things you want to do and things you do not mind doing and then there are these things you just do not want to deal with. We all have some things in life we choose to ignore. They are just too emotionally draining or even hurtful. Besides it is so much easier to just do what makes you happy.

However, life is made up of synergies. Everything you do affects something else. It may affect it directly or indirectly. It may affect your relationships or you finances or your spirituality. In the same manner, not doing something can also affect something else. To put it in three words, “everything effects everything”. That thing you ignored to do because you did not like to do it, could have been necessary to support the other thing you really wanted to do. Not doing it could result in a positive or a negative effect. However by not doing it you are leaving the result to chance. Therefore sometimes we have to deal with the uncomfortable and the unpleasant in order to positively affect the things that make you happy. To put it another way sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good. OR as Mom said, eat your vegetables or no desert.

When you have to deal with the bad the tendency is to rush through it. Get it out of the way. But remember what you want is a positive result. If you bungle the way you handle the uncomfortable or unpleasant task then the chances are that you have laid a pretty shaky foundation for the good stuff. It is not enough to deal with the bad you also have to do it as well as you can. You have to treat it in the same competent and detailed manner you would the good. Then when you deal with the good it will make you even happier. There is an old saying that I heard long ago. I do not know who said it or when. They were talking about love. The saying is that in love you must regard bad and ugly as good and beautiful because by contrast it makes the good more good and the beautiful more beautiful. Thinking in that way puts a positive spin on all you do.

This applies in everything you do. Whether it is at home, work, or play the same still holds true. At home you want clean plates to eat your food; therefore you have to take the time to wash them. You want to wear nice clothes, you have to take the time to clean, mend or iron them. You want a good relationship with your significant other and/or your children. Then you have to invest the time to make it a good relationship. That may mean that at times you have honest, uncomfortable discussions. It may not make you or them happy at the time but once the air is cleared and there is understanding then you can go to a happier place together.

At work not every day is peaches and cream. There are times you wish you were any place but there. However, you have to be there so you make it a good situation. You do this by doing the detailed grunt work that is necessary. You do it by building working relationships with others that you do not especially care for. You do it what you have to do (within ethical, professional and legal limits) to reach your goals.

At play it is the same. If you are athletic you have to tone your body and get it ready for play by going through grueling exercise. You go through hours and hours or repetitive practice to get it perfect. Then you can enjoy the contest that much more, because you are ready for it. If your play is art, Painting, acting or dancing you also have to practice. Who wants to spend hours reading scripts and learning lines? Who wants to spend hours hurting your feet and doing the same steps over and over to learn a new dance routine? However, how are you going to perform without going through all of that practice?

There is that other saying, “nobody said it was going to be easy”. No it is not easy but in the end it is all well worth it.

So next time you find yourself facing a bad situation just say, “please pass the Brussels Sprouts” but keep your eye on the chocolate cake.

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